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The following is a summary of why you can trust Binge on Travel Ltd:

  • Binge on Travel Ltd is a registered TAANZ agent with Travel Advocates New Zealand which is a wholly-owned division of House of Travel Holdings one of the top 5 travel agent businesses operating throughout Australasia.

  • Binge on Travel operates a separate bank account for its day to day operational expenses with client trust funds and operational funds managed independently of each other.

  • Bonded with TAANZ for your protection. If you don’t see the TAANZ sign you are not covered. All TAANZ members subscribe to consumer protection arrangements. These arrangements are unique to TAANZ members. Travel agents who are not TAANZ members and the customers of these travel agents cannot participate in these protection. TAANZ has been operating a Bonding Scheme since 1966. In that time it has paid out over one million dollars in claims. To date no customer has been left out of pocket as a consequence of a TAANZ members business failing. The fund is available for claims up to NZD$250,000 in the case of any one TAANZ member failing.


  • Everything is Tailormade. No cookie cutter packages and predesigned set itineraries that the client must fit into. Instead, you will find the website full of inspiration and ideas.  With no two itineraries the same you can expect a bespoke itinerary designed uniquely for you.

  • Value For No Extra Cost. The unknown is what I am here for. There is no additional cost for my service to co-ordinate your trip. I do not add additional charges, but I do collect all payments for all suppliers in the one place to distribute to them directly.  Rates with suppliers are both retail rack rates (public online rates) and wholesale rates which are confidential.  The way in which I am paid is via supplier payments at the conclusion of your journey.

  • Initial Consultation will not require a fee. Let’s work together first with a ‘discovery’ call. Here we will learn more about what is required and how we can best work together. Once we work through your itinerary initial payment deposits will be required to be collected before final itinerary proposals are finalised.

  • Save you Time & Stress.  It can be complex putting together the finer details of your journey. Not knowing if you’ve made the right decision and working out the entire schedule to fit your time. Let me do the heavy lifting and tailor your trip for you to make the most of your time and money.

  • Personalised Service You will not be dealing with a range of people and companies.  Every client’s itinerary is designed by me personally.  This means I have an invested interest in ensuring each and every component of your itinerary delivers as intended.

  • Experience Matters. With 30 years in the industry and someone who ‘lives’ luxury travel, you will not be dealing with someone inexperienced. I will be able to give you an honest and unbiased opinion based on real life experiences and an inept knowledge of what really will deliver on the requirements you desire.

  • Supplier Connections. With years of experience comes supplier connections and life-long relationships.  Working closely with suppliers and clients I have become a trusted specialist to both.

  • Emergency Assist. Emergencies, including unforeseen weather events that may require alterations to your trip means you have only one call to make that happen!  While you are on your journey you can expect 24/7 emergency assistance. Should something need to be re-arranged, rejigged, cancelled, or added, most things can be done with one call. While you can continue to enjoy every moment of your journey, you have someone working for you in the background.  

  • Peace of Mind.  Always here to answer any questions. Knowing you have the 1 person who works on your behalf:  someone who knows all the intimate details of your journey and who can assist when required gives you assurance you are not alone.


Full 24/7 assistance and day to day monitoring of your journey is only possible where all parts of your itinerary are arranged through Binge on Travel.


TAANZ agents are trained destination and product experts. They work in a NZ owned and operated company. Their accreditation means they are the best in the business and maintain standards just like other industries are expected to. They have access to an immense range of product that customers by themselves will not and will create for you a quality travel experience that suits YOUR needs, budgets and preferences. For your peace of mind TAANZ members are bonded and must meet financial standards that non TAANZ member do not.

Above the Clouds
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Travel Bag


TAANZ agents work for you and will make unbiased recommendations. They do not work for any one airline, cruise line, hotel chain or car rental company, but partner them all. They can aggregate a world of choices at their fingertips and let you make the choice that best fits your needs and budget.
There are so many different things to consider when planning travel. The internet will help you with information and offer you DIY tools but a travel agent will make sure you don’t make a purchase online that you may regret later. A travel agent provides you one point of contact and reference for your travel planning. If you need to change or add to your plans a travel agent can co-ordinate all of the air, hotel, car rental and tours for you. You can do all your shopping in the one place. It really is all about you and what you need. Your TAANZ travel agent will help you with required destination information and your travel documents will be quality checked and all care taken to make sure your travel is incident free.

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