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Minaret station waterfall

Active Holidays


Whether you're looking to achieve a momentous climb to the top of a famous mountain, a leisurely cycle through deserted countryside, scramble across glaciers or kayak mighty rivers, your requirement is to have ‘active’ as part of your overall tailored escape. Maybe you are someone who wants to get the heart racing, the blood pumping and the adrenaline surging, or “Active” is daily yoga, day hikes, a leisurely round of golf, a downhill ski run, or a day out game fishing – whichever it is, it is sure to play a big part in deciding where, what and how you will travel.

Routeburn hike

Walking & Cycling

Walking & Cycling holidays take on so many different meanings.  Perhaps you are looking for a short break where daily hikes are your ‘go to’ or you are dreaming of ‘ticking off’ one of the great walks that takes you through untouched terrain and magical scenery.  Fancy a heli-bike and be dropped at the highest peaks for a downhill adrenaline pumping adventure, or love the sound of a leisurely week long cycle though spectacular scenery, stopping at picturesque villages and local vineyards.  Whether you are looking to hike remote mountains, walk on glaciers, or explore cycle scenic trails New Zealand has an incredible selection of journeys to discover the inner beauty this country has to offer.  From the famous cycle trails of Central Otago & Alps to Ocean, to the great walks of Milford Sound & Abel Tasman, we are fortunate to have some of the most diverse and breath-taking scenery right on our doorstep.

kauri cliffs golf course


A round of golf is the foundation of where you decide to spend your holiday. For those passionate about the game, you desire to explore the world ticking off famous courses at alluring locations and dream backdrops. Whether it is to seek out the bucket-list championship courses, such as Gleneagles or head to the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline and the luxurious Verdura Golf Resort & Spa; the options to consider are endless.

Within New Zealand we have 14 world-class marquee courses waiting to temp the avid golfer;  expertly designed by professionals in phenomenal natural locations that will take your breath away. From dramatic scenery, long stretches of coastline to soaring mountains, New Zealand covers it all. 

Understanding that not all in your party may be as excited as you about the possibilities these courses bring, I can recommend a wide variety of options to consider to ensure all members of the family are charmed by the location and facilities of the resorts, hotels and luxury villas that surround these world famous courses.

Ski The Tasman


For the thrill seekers, adventure lovers, hunter and gatherers, your ideal holiday is to explore untouched terrain, whether that be by 4WD, a hike, climb, abseil, or raft your way through nature your desire is to get out into wild and experience a wide range of activities. Perhaps you prefer to cruise out to sea to catch or dive for your own lunch.  For others it maybe a new activity, learn to surf, ride a camel to an overnight desert camp, or horse trek to back country stations.

Aro ha wellness retreat

Yoga & Spa Retreats

An idyllic and secluded location is what you seek – where nature and well being are important. You desire a tranquil and fulfilling experience. You may be looking to escape to a location far from reality, to stop and recharge and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. Activities are based on mind, body, physical and mental disciplines that are there to help you achieve peacefulness of both your body and your mind. From energy healing to therapeutic massage, there are a wide range of retreats to suit your needs as an individual or a group of friends looking to enhance your holiday with some much needed ‘me time’.  

Interested in a customised luxury package tailored uniquely for you?

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