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Treetops Lodge & Estate

This ecology inspired award-winning lodge is a nature lovers sanctuary


Nestled in 2,500 acres of 800-year old native forest, Treetops Lodge & Estate is a uniquely New Zealand experience. This wildlife sanctuary and retreat is nestled within breath taking terrain, offering outdoor activities centred around seven streams, four lakes, and over 43 miles of adventure trails.

Located 20 minutes from the Maori heartland Rotorua, experience exclusively at Treetops the Estate to Plate Safari, Wild Food Cooking School and dedicated Spa that combines traditional therapies with unique indigenous and therapeutic Maori treatments plus exclusive access to nearby Kinloch Club Golf Course, the only Jack Nicklaus designed course in New Zealand.

Treetops Lodge provide adventure for the whole family: junior cooking classes, 4WD safaris, helicopter tours to live volcanoes and hot water lakes, Maori poi making and flax weaving, as well as mountain biking, hiking to spectacular waterfalls and swimming in freshwater lakes and rivers.


Sustainability Without Compromising Luxury

The scale of the lodge is huge with 2500 hectares of virgin forest across five mountains, but the experience is intimate – just 14 guest rooms and villas. Construction used native trees felled and milled on site. Mass planting programs are aided by keen Treetops guests and more than 250,000 habitat enhancing plants and sustainable forest have been planted on the estate to date. Long before the now four wetland habitats were created, micro hydro was designed into the concepts to provide energy self-sufficient for the lodge.

Wading and dabbling species of bird life and trout have seen a steady increase as have our trout stocks. Intensive predator programs control maximum gain for flora and fauna. The mineral water on tap, shower, bath and to drink – is the purist seen anywhere on the planet – and it is 100% natural and unprocessed, scientifically proved to be the purest on-site water in New Zealand.


Unwind in lavish comfort nestled out amidst the natural beauty of the estate, removed from the hustle and bustle of the main lodge… or combine two adjoining Villas to create an intimate retreat ideal for friends or small family groups.

Wake refreshed as glints of sunlight dapple the room and you are gently encouraged to rise by the melodic trill of birdsong. Get away from it all. Embrace serenity. Renew. Greet the day as the mist rises from the land and the estate stirs and slowly comes to life. Join in the daily ritual of renewal as you too emerge from slumber and respond to the distant hum of activity and the alluring call of adventure. Set your own pace and emerge from your tranquil retreat restored and rejuvenated, ready to seize the day, whatever it may hold.

Lodge Rooms

Immerse yourself in the steadily beating heart of the Lodge, feel the pulse of activity surge and whirl around you, and join in the rhythm. Stay at the heart of it all. Experience everything. Connect. Discover the steadfast character and mutable moods of the lodge and experience the subtle shifts in temperament as activity ebbs and flows and moments come and go.

Pheasant Cottage

Discover a rustic retreat, reconnect, deepen relationships, and forge lasting moments that will bring comfort and nourish the soul. Strengthen bonds. Reconnect. Reminisce by the fire, recall past antics, relive pivotal moments… laugh. Enjoy preparing meals together in the spacious kitchen or engage in lively discourse over cosy home-cooked food or a glass of wine. Friends or family, past or present, recapture the simple pleasures that give life meaning.

Owner’s Retreat

Take over the entire lodge wing and discover a truly unique experience. The pinnacle of convenience, comfort, and rustic charm, the Owner’s Retreat is the perfect wilderness getaway for friends and family.


Dishes lovingly crafted, meals nourish both body & soul

Cuisine here follows the Estate to Plate philosophy, it is organic 100% pesticide free, as it should be – this is a true wilderness estate.

A real resource designed for sustainability and a guest delight. Everything from the lodge’s 70 km adventure trails, Manuka Honey hives, on-site wild game 4WD safaris, organic produce gardens, Maori medicinal and wild food foraging produce for the Wild Food Cooking School is tended, guided, harvested or hand-picked where it can be by the local Kiwis.

Some of the Incredible Culinary Experiences

Wild Food Cooking School Forage for native ingredients then gather around the kitchen table and share in a unique cooking and dining experience. Join in lively banter and engaging discussion with our professional chefs as you learn about the preparation and culinary properties of each ingredient. Create your own garnishes and watch as a delicious meal comes together before your eyes.

Maori Food Trail Slip off into the wilderness and let us lead you on an illuminating expedition through the abundance of the forest. Search for native plants and herbs, learn about their nutritional and medicinal properties, and discover their ties with Maori cultural traditions. Sample what you find, fresh from the land, or harvest it for the chefs to use in their delicious creations.

Estate to Plate Safari Take a tour through the estate and immerse yourself in our core ‘estate to plate’ philosophy, as we lead you on a journey of discovery. Sink your hands into the loamy soil of our organic garden and wander through the trees of our orchard, then go for a drive with an eye toward spying the estate’s multitude of game animals, fish, and fowl out in the wild.


At Treetops Lodge & Retreat the ethos is to ‘Disconnect & Reconnect’

Wander off the beaten track and venture down the path less travelled. Explore native trails that wind through pristine forest, immerse yourself in the pure tranquillity of the land, and embrace your

The lodge is nestled amid a secluded forest of native bush and natural serenity. With a wide range of activities you can immerse yourself in nature and from hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, archery, kayaking, 4WD, a kids cooking school, Maori Food trail the options are endless. Fishing & Hunting are on your doorstep, experience crystal-clear waters and enjoy some of the best brown and rainbow trout fishing in the world, regardless of season. Beyond the gates of the resort you have Rotorua’s expansive list of exciting adventures.

Enjoy the Experience

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