Top Tastes of Lisbon

Portugal has so much to offer in the way of cuisine – here are some of my favourite tastes worth trying on your visit next to Lisbon. 

Pastéis de Belém

The famous Pastéis de Belém follows an ancient recipe from the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.  Using only the traditional methods these pastry delights are made daily – created by hand as they have been since the 18th century.  This secret recipe is closely guarded and has been handed down exclusively to the masters of these delicious treats since 1837. 

Today at this famous bakery,  you can expect to find queues of excited diners coming to taste the most brilliant sweet custard tartes ever tasted.  These mellow, warm, tasty bites are pure bliss!  The softness of the custard enclosed in a crispy light pastry are well worth the wait – top them off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and icing sugar and you are sure to not stop at one!

Pastel De Nata – Pasteis de Belem Cafe Credit: altancan/

Cervéjaria Rmiro

Here, without a reservation you can expect at least an hour wait for a table – but do not worry as you can order drinks while you wait – traditionally beer.  This restaurant started as a place serving only beer and seafood and grew to become a huge success story.  This is going to be some of the ‘best seafood’ you will ever taste. The quality of the shellfish is incredible! Food is traditionally prepared showcasing the authentic flavour – taste clams with a little bit of garlic and coriander, sizzling shrimp, whole crabs to lobster! So many choices of fresh produce it will be hard to choose – why not visit more than once!  Expect a close encounter with other diners as the restaurant is crowded, busy and noisy – totally adding to the atmosphere. Once complete its not unusual to see diners finishing off their meal with the traditional steak sandwich (so leave room, you will be surprised how good it tastes!)

Devine Seafood – credit: IsmaeSilvaAlves/

A Valenciana

A gem of a restaurant with authentic and simple décor, brimming with locals.  A place where you can taste one of the most popular dishes in Lisbon – the very famous and delicious peri-peri chicken.  

Simply cooked over charcoal, with peri-peri spice and a touch of chilli – an exquisite dish that tastes even better with a cold beer.  This is good wholesome food.  Situated away from the central part of Lisbon a stop here is well worth the short Uber ride.  Enjoy!

Peri-Peri Chicken credit: fanfo/

Tarte de Amêndoa

While not a restaurant this is one of my personal favourite Portugese pastries – A delicious caramelized Almond Tart!  It would have to be one of the most popular desserts in Portugese cuisine.  The flavour of the crushed almonds with the tasty sweet filling and flaky crust makes this is delicious and light dessert to finish off any evening meal.  You will be sure to find this on any menu, so don’t miss your chance to taste this local treat.

Almond Portugese Tarte – credit: NataliaMylova/


Technically not a food but it certainly goes well with chocolate, so that counts! Ginjinha is a sweet liqueur made from Morello (sour) cherries soaked in a distilled spirit called Aguardente. A traditional drink it does come in two variants – you can select to have it with or without cherries – with the cherries having been soaked in the liquor they are sure to give an extra ‘kick’ to your taste-buds.  

Most places will serve Ginjinha in a shot glass – but my favourite way is in a ‘chocolate cup’.

Ginjinha – servied in chocolate cups credit: xijiana/