4 Spots to watch Bali’s Spectacular Sunsets

The island of Bali isn’t just about shopping, eating and surfing. Sure, you can have all of those, but once you tire of the usuals, rest assured that truly unbelievable views await. Home to a plethora of pristine beaches, sheer cliffs and incredulous volcano-tops, here are the top 4 spots from which one can observe the sinking of the sun nestled in an array of brilliant colors that repel the evening sky. 

Mount Batur

Hiking Mount Batur – credit: Macca Sherifi/Shutterstock.com

A renown hiking spot for tourists around the globe, Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas in the eastern reaches of the island. A massive boiling lake simmers from below its majestic peak. Huge as this volcano might appear, there are actually two main different hiking-routes that meander out from base camp. Spanning just over two hours, many choose to undertake their hike in the wee hours of the morning for the ‘sunrise experience’. Unfortunately, there is usually a throng of visitors at this hour. Chilly temperatures, early call-times, massively crowded pathways and unpredictable cloud visibility at the top make the sunset ascend a much better alternative. From its top, one can revel in the incredible view of the majestic Mount Agung opposite. Lakes run far and wide, the view of a sleepy city stretching out from below. Golden rays of light streaming through the clouds on this panorama below will ensure an awe-inspiring experience.


Sunset Uluwatu – credit: Konstantin-Aksenov/Shutterstock.com

Located in the south-western tip of the island, Uluwatu is home to the Pura Luhur Temple – a holy structure lodged atop a sheer cliff overlooking massive waves that dash at dangerously jagged outcrops far down below. The name Uluwatu can be dissected into ulu, meaning ‘lands end’, and watu, meaning ‘rock’. Limestone-covered ocean floors far below greet the masses who arrive here at the peak of day in search for incredible views and photos. Few seem to wait till sunset, an experience you’d be remiss to avoid. The call of birds overhead coupled with the sound of tumultuous waves crashing on the shore only serves to enhance the astounding sunset that one can catch from the peak of Uluwatu’s majestic cliff edge. Bear in mind that it is a holy place, so it is best advised to dress decently. Modest robes are available at the entrance for you to don should you require them.

Single Fin Bar

Single Fin Bar – credit:Andrei Kovanovskii/Shutterstock.com

Just a 10-minute scooter ride away from Ulutwatu is a picture-perfect spot for a nice evening dinner/cocktail and a beautiful sunset. Dubbed Bali’s ‘most famous’ sunset bar, the Single-fin boasts an insane view atop ‘favela-like’ structures. Incredible fusion/local food and a variety of beverages await the Single-fin’s patrons – a surprisingly extensive shoreline stretching far below. The water only gets deeper about 100 meters in, making it the perfect surfing spot for the water-inclined. The sight of surfers straddling their surfboards as the huge flaming ball descends below the horizon is truly a spectacle to behold. Bask in the refreshing sound of gentle waves amidst the light chatter of sunset revelers around. The best sunset-viewing seats here are highly sought after though, so be sure to arrive an hour or two before show-time.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach Sunset – credit: art_of_sun/Shutterstock.com

A surfers’ paradise and a gastronomical seafood attraction, Kuta beach is well known for being incredibly crowded at all points of the day – especially at sunset. The good news is that the entire stretch is so wide that it can accommodate thousands of tourists and still have many cozy little nooks and crannies for couples, families and lone travelers alike to revel in. A tip for those looking to avoid the incessant chatter – take a 10-minute walk south to to the Boardwalk Restaurant just past Segara Beach. Numerous little trinket shops line the path should their wares tickle your fancy. Kites climb the evening winds overhead, making for a pleasantly inviting atmosphere. The view is exactly the same here, if not quieter and more romantic (couples take note). A little rock face stands a couple of meters into the ocean, though be wary that the unforgiving waves are quick to submerge it post. Grab your loved ones, slap on the mosquito-repellant, and you’re good to go!

3 Fun Ways to Keep Cool Under the Bali Sun

  1. Bali Coconuts – Dine on local coconuts! Stop-by any of the numerous stalls that dot the island to get your hands on these massive chunks of refreshment.

  2. Bali styled Hats – Don on traditional headgear! Numerous hats can be found littered across the various clothing shops on the island.

Bali-flavored Icicles – Indulge in irresistible icicles! Keep a look out for numerous gelato parlors lining the streets and their exotic fruity icicle flavors.