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Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat delivers life changing experiences in one of the most picturesque locations in the world


Designed to regenerate your body and mind, Aro Ha’s programs are based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits.

If you are looking to push the ‘reset’ button on your life then this is the place to come
This is an all-inclusive retreat where everything is taken care of – arranged with incredible precision and with a refined focus on achieving the ultimate and optimal wellness possible. You will not have the stress of what to do next, as your day is already planned. Can’t decide on what to eat – don’t worry this too is already arranged with the upmost care and attention to your inner health.

Perhaps you are someone looking to escape your fast-paced life; require a new beginning and to reconnect with nature. It could be a desire to take control of out of whack hormones; to achieve a higher standard of nutritional expertise, or learn tools on how to achieve mindfulness; there is sure to be a wellness goal on your agenda that needs fulfilling and this is the place to achieve transformational results and set you on the right path.

What to expect? Expect your body to become lean, strong, and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear, and present.

What’s required from you? You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your inherent potential.

Where is it done? Blending wellness and luxury together with the most outstanding mind-blowing views across Lake Wakatipu and snow-capped mountains creates the most epic of natural settings to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.


Rise with the sound of Tibetan bells at dawn; watch the sunrise over the incredible landscape while you partake in morning vinyasa yoga sessions before enjoying a nourishing nutrient-dense breakfast; You will explore the many trails, climbing sub alpine terrain, including parts of New Zealand’s world heritage parks. (All levels of fitness welcome).

Mindfulness practices are interweaved throughout your day, with carefully curated experiences including cooking classes, functional training, TRX strength training, as well as giving the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the infrared sauna, hot tub, cold plunge pool and daily massages.

With a select group of guides, athletes, detox specialists, and educators the team are the magic ingredient to assist you in achieving your potential.

Stay and Taste


8 accommodation units featuring Eco-Suites & Singles in the most epic natural setting

The eco-friendly rooms at Aro Ha Wellness Retreat are simple, comfortable and functional, each stylishly furnished with recycled wood, luxurious comfortable beds and fine linens. There is a large well appointed shared bathroom per unit. Each room has large windows with views out to the rolling hills and Lake Wakatipu. You can choose between a Eco Single Room or a Eco Private King Room.


All Inclusive healthy plant-based cuisine

A full rainbow of vegetarian cuisine is provided, rich in minerals, full of vitamins and the right amount of nutrients to feed your body and mind.

Expect paleo friendly, gluten free, diary free and enzymatically active.

Expect the very best in plant-based nourishment designed and prepared by a highly qualified team of experts.

A Typical Day at Aro Ha

Sunrise Flow Yoga
Energising Breakfast
Sub Alpine Hike
Nutrient Dense Lunch
Rejuvenation and Spa Time
Therapeutic Massage
Functional Strength Training
Nutrition Demo
Restorative Yoga
Mindfulness Practice
Write to Ignite or Spa Time

Upcoming Retreats

Retreats run from 5 to 7 nights over a set range of select dates. Priced from NZD $ 5575 per person

Special OFFER *Limited time SAVE 10% per person – Contact for more info

Wellness Adventure: A 6-day signature programme designed to quickly jumpstart your health. This powerful intensive retreat is an all-inclusive programme that uses nature, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and functional movement to jumpstart your health. All fitness levels are welcome, and all will be supported while challenged. Expect to become lean, strong, and flexible while reconnecting with purpose.

Wellness Adventure Plus: Building on above with this 8-Day retreat. If your heart is asking for a significant shift, or craving a longer experience, this is your retreat. These 8-day retreats are only run a few times per year, and they offer a special chance to go deeper. Expect big changes.

Wild Pilates: This retreat includes the opportunity to revitalize your body & mind with our award-winning programme while developing your Pilates form. The focus will be on relaxing what is tense while strengthening and lengthening. You will leave feeling longer, leaner, and stronger. This powerful retreat is an all-inclusive programme that uses nature, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and functional movement to jumpstart your health. All fitness levels are welcome.

Revive & Thrive: From hygiene to contrast hydro-therapy, from our menu to our movement sessions, here the latest research is infused into our practices. You’ll deepen your breath, nourish your immune system, calm the nervous system, and remember what it’s like to delight in the rising sun. Transformation happens quickly here. Days will harness the power of nature, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, functional movement, and other research-based best practices. All ages, moods, and fitness levels are welcome.

Heal Your Gut: A healthy and happy gut is the cornerstone of health and wellbeing. During this special 6-day retreat you will learn how to eat for optimum gut health. You’ll discover the four phases of gut healing, how stress and anxiety play a big part in your health and wellbeing and how the brain and emotions are directly related to your gut and therefore your entire health. You’ll learn the connection between gut health and energy levels, cravings, weight, and hormone health. You will look at your own life and pantry and discover foods that have healing powers and specific recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that you can enjoy to have a good digestive function. You’ll also take part in a hands-on cooking demonstration.

Enjoy the Experience

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