Apartment living in central Paris

Having visited Paris on many previous occasions I found that each visit was always too short so this time I wanted to settle in and sit back for a week long stay in a private apartment. For many years customers have requested to stay and ‘live like a local’ in this gorgeous city.  I must admit, on previous trips you feel like you must rush to get around the city and enjoy the sights perhaps at the expense of stopping at a traditional Parisian Café for a well deserved drink.  However, with the opportunity to spend longer you can truly take your time and feel like you can really soak up the local atmosphere at your own pace….

Breakfast on your Parisan Balcony – credit: ChristineGates/iStock.com

Having the opportunity to stay longer means you can really immerse yourself in the city living. Many of the apartments we offer will find you right in the middle of Paris! Location is key and you won’t be living on the street alongside many of the city centre busy hotels but rather locals close to all local amenities, Boulangerie’s (Bakery), Cafe’s, and also walking distance to all key city sights.  Nightly costs for an apartment for a couple may sometimes be more than a hotel room but the benefits outweigh this. Imagine a place where you can start your day with a coffee and freshly purchased pastries from your local Boulangerie: having the space to relax on your return from a busy day and enjoy an Apéritif while you change for dinner: Somewhere to prepare a picnic lunch for the following day; (and for practicality) somewhere to do washing!


Many of the apartments we book also include a free iPhone to use for local data and calls.  Located on the phone is a collection of recommendations from the owners of ‘must see’ sights, markets and eateries. This is such valuable information that you know is both ‘local insider knowledge’ plus up to date recommendations of the regional area.  Don’t go with the masses and look to trip advisor for your regional eateries!

Café de Flore – St Germain

Café Culture in Paris is what you need to get involved with.  Whatever you do please do not head to the familiar Starbucks! Its not only about the food & coffee but the atmosphere and the chance to people watch.  Our apartment in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés recommended two fabulous eateries which proved popular with both tourists & locals alike.  These were Café De Flora & Café Les Deux Magots. Both are some of the oldest café’s in Paris which were once popular with famous patrons such as Picasso & Hemmingway.

Night Time Dining St Germain

When it comes to local café’s explore your region close to your apartment. You will easily spot those cafe’s that are the most popular with locals and these can often be your best experience. Food is always delightfully simple & fresh and café strong and tasty..  Taking your time is the key to a fabulous experience. Lunch time is the best value to stop and drop where many restaurants will offer a special of the day (Plat du jour), or keep your eyes open for ‘Menu Prix Fixe’ which would be a fixed priced menu with at least 3 courses and many with a choice of dishes. These fixed priced menus are fantastic value with average price of only €14-16 per person.

Having your own apartment gives you the opportunity to shop locally.  Purchase produce daily to enjoy either in your apartment, or as a picnic in one of the many local parks. You do not have to travel far to find fresh produce. Experience and explore the weekly markets, but even on a daily basis you will find fresh produce at smaller scale open market places close by.

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